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3D Portfolio

Project |01


Architectural Visualization of Holiday Homes

The purpose of this project was to generate 3D Architectural Designs for Holiday Homes in the Koral Reef project for Suchir India Infotech Pvt. Ltd. It is a real estate firm situated in Hyderabad. The designs were generated using Google SketchUp and were rendered in VRay. They are currently being used by Suchir India to promote its real estate.

Project |02


Interior Architectural Visualization

During the summer of 2010, I focused my attention on Interior Architectural Visualization of homes and used my own house for inspiration. These renders depict the various rooms in my home and were made in Google SketchUp (the modelling of the components was done in 3DS Max) and rendering using VRay. A perfect way to spend the summer vacations, don't you think!? :)

Project |03


Natural 3D Environment Creation

I got interested in creating natural 3D environments in the spring of 2011. Maybe it was the Goan weather that had the effect. This is my first shot at creating natural 3D environments. Not so surprisingly, it took awfully long to render these scenes and that is primarily  because of the extremely high polygon count in each scenes. Much to my disappointment, the render optimizations didn't help very much. The only option left was to render the scenes over the network. But the result was totally worth it. :)

Project |04


Realistic water simulation

Fluid simulations have always been challenge for me. I tried doing it way back in 2009 but it was not realistic and not aesthetically pleasing. How do you generate meshes? How much volume of liquid to consider? How to make it more realistic? How to optimize renders so as to speed up rendering time? It took me quite a while to figure answers to all these questions and here is the final result. Not very realistic but close enough. :) 

Building Virtual Worlds

In the Building Virtual Worlds (BVW) class, I worked in teams of 4 - 5 people to create Virtual worlds based on various themes like "Naive guest compatible" , "Interactive Story round" etc. Each project was of 1 to 2 weeks duration. The details of each round can be found below. In this class, I donned various hats of a programmer, 3D artist and a producer in these worlds.

BVW: Project #5: Firefly!

This was a performance based interactive  piece based on the Firefly universe. The protagonist Jayne Cobb is trapped in a Mayan ruin and must use his jet pack to fly his way out and get back to the spaceship.

BVW: Project #4: The Eggventure

This is a story about an egg trying to escape from the refrigerator to avoid being cooked by the human after all its partners have been eaten. Throughout the journey, foods and fruits help this brave egg in their own way.

BVW: Project #3: Barefoot Olympics

The aim of this project was to make a game so that players can play an assortment of track and field events, with Aluminium foot pads attached to the Makey Makey. Initial setup included 16 Aluminium foot pads, with 4 pads per team. Each four member team tapped their feet on the Aluminium pads to make the player advance on the track. Three sports were available to play: Sprint, Hurdles and Long Jump.

BVW: Project #2: Treasure Trail

The Objective of this project was to create a consistent, interactive and engaging experience that lets naive guests who might not have any gaming experience feel like have a lot of freedom in the world. Our team built a wheel that attached with two PS Move, triggers are for  break/reverse & horn.

BVW: Project #1: The Bro Code!

The story revolves around the legendary BRO Code. A typical guy wants to hit on a girl at a bar but spots her ex-girlfriend at the same bar who is trying to tell this girl all bad things about the guy. So the guy calls his friend, me, (aka Bro) to distract her ex-girlfriend and help him escape from the bar with this girl. The way to this is by dancing with his ex-girlfriend.

The note was comic and funny and the audience loved the show and the performance we had put up.

Just a sample of my work. To see more or discuss possible work >>

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