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My musings with Technical Animation!

Animation has always been an extremely interesting topic and is used extensively in both both games and movies. It is also a very hot topic for continued research in Computer Graphics. In the following projects I analyzed and implemented various topics in animation mainly expressive motion editing, Inverse Kinematics, Cloth Simulation and Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics.

Expressive Character Animation


The aim of this project was to make a basic walk cycle animation more expressive by editing motion capture data read from an ASF/AMC file after parsing it using code and storing it into another AMC file. This video showcases the old animation and the new modified one. Here is the link to doing the same thing using Autodesk Maya and Motion Builder.

Inverse Kinematics


The aim of this project was to implement Inverse Kinematics using Cyclic Coordinate Descent method, Jacobian Transpose Method and finally Pseudo Jacobian Method. This video showcases the CCD method. Click here to view the Jacobian Transpose method. The Pseudo Inverse Method was extremely accurate and therefore too slow.

Cloth Simulation


This is an example of Cloth simulation that I implemented. I used a mass spring model and added wind to give a more realistic feel. Finally, I used RK2 as as integrator instead of the usual Forward Euler.

Parallelized Hybrid Smooth Particle Hydrodynamics solver


The aim of this project was to design and implement a parallelized hybrid SPH fluid solver. The whole solver was made from scratch and the following research papers were consulted while making this project:


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